Sketch Of Vexx

Here are some Redesigns I did of Wizard of OZ

Alien Landscape

Wizard of OZ Redesigns

I was bored one night and came up with some sketches from a classic film we all grew up with, enjoy.

Vekk Costumes

Hello Everyone,

I have been playing Guild Wars on and off for about a month now and I am absolutely amazed at the level of detail within each Continent. So, I decided to draw some ideas that I had and here is what I came up with, Let me know what you think.

Dragon/Muta-Lisk Thing

Well, Starcraft 2 came out last week and after playing a few games I was inspired and painted this creature. I am really trying to focus on detail and the texture of things. I will continue to work on this idea. I think a good way of practicing is to work on several environments with several types of surfaces. Thank you all for your feedback, it really helps!!

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