Dragon/Muta-Lisk Thing

Well, Starcraft 2 came out last week and after playing a few games I was inspired and painted this creature. I am really trying to focus on detail and the texture of things. I will continue to work on this idea. I think a good way of practicing is to work on several environments with several types of surfaces. Thank you all for your feedback, it really helps!!

Art Test

This piece was done for a studio. I was given an assignment and certain material to work with. I was also given a time frame of 3 hours. This was a bit of a challenge given that I have not done many cartoon-y pieces. Overall, I had fun.


With this piece, I played around with textures and the material of things. I am going to play around with this idea some more. Also, I feel that I need to push my designs a bit more and work on contrast. Lets see what the next one looks like.

Thanks for the feedback McLean & Charles, it really helps!

Demon Armor

Hi guys! It has been a hard year, I have been exploring other ventures and have had no luck. I am still in the process of finding a full time Concept Artist position. Here is a piece I did for fun, I was playing around with mainly the armor. I was thinking demonic/royalty. Comments are always welcomed. Thanks!

Soul Reaper

Doodles and Elf

Zerg Concept Sketch

Here is something I started a few days ago.

My Sister.

Here is a portrait I did of my sister. I have been really busy pursing other ventures, which explains the lack of updates. I am currently teaching and still working on stabilizing my ever changing Roller-Coaster ride.

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