Megan Fox Head Study "caricature"

This is something I just did for fun. This is by no means an attack on Megan Fox. She is extremely beautiful, I just wanted to paint someone that could hold my interest.

B&W ArtOrder piece

This is a piece that I worked on for Artorder.blogspot. They have 5 Art Directors judging this competition, and first place is a black and white commission piece for Wizards of the Coast. Wish me luck!

Quick Speed Painting

Here is a quick speed painting I did from a photograph on the web.

Air Spur

This is a project that I did for wizards of the coasts art director Jon Schindehette. He has these biweekly challenges for artist to stay active and to get a taste of the the industry. Check it out at

Dominance of War

Here is a piece I am working on for Dominance of War. I will be representing CGHub. The due date for this piece is May 18th. I hope to have it done in time. While improving my work, I am still applying for a full time position as a concept artist(anywhere!), so if anyone hears of an opening some where let me know.

Warmest Thanks,
Daniel Adrover


Ringling Thesis 09

This event was a huge success! I made several connections and met a lot of people!! Just to stay active and out there, I will be competing in any competitions I find, if you know of any please let me know. Thanks to everyone that came out and enjoy!

Warmest Thanks,
Daniel Adrover

In Honor of Kid Robot

I did this piece for a friends show. She wanted me to do something for the Kid robot show tonight, so I did the first thing that came to mind. well enjoy!

A taste of what I have in store for my thesis

I will be working on two more cards(blue and green) and if time permits I want to work on two land cards. So far this year is really flying by! I am going to miss Ringling.


In the link below you could find a collection of my artwork.

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