Trick OR Treat

Here is a piece I did for Halloween.


Here are some sketch book drawings. I am just trying to keep my ideas fresh and interesting. Just playing around having fun.

Observational Sketches

Here are some fun sketches I did, just to loosen up. I got a lot more of these coming soon. I normally do not like to put these up since its just personal practice, but o well. Please take the time to comment. I love comments that help my work improve. Best of luck!

Senior Portrait

Taste-Less Chef

This was a very interesting assignment. We read a taste-less chef, which to me was some what boring. So what did I do, spiced it up a little bit and gave it a bit of my style. In class Thiel was telling me no @@#$%^ zombies. I was not going for a zombie originally, but by being told not to do that, threw me off. I could not resist, I did a zombie. The point is I had fun with this piece. Later

Art the Vote

Here is a piece I did for Art the Vote. This piece took me about a 3 hours or so, just a last minute thing. Not sure If I am happy with this one or not yet, a few things bother me. I guess I am just going to have to leave it alone and come back to it sometime this up coming week. Well as always feel free to comment.


Here is our third piece for Thiel. Lets see where this one goes, it should be a lot of fun. I got some interesting ideas for this piece.

Smoking Section

Here is our second Illustration project for Joe Thiel. Just trying some things here and there, really trying to play with light and value. I still need a bit of work, slowly but surely. Please leave comments so I may correct this piece. Best Regards.


Hes my twist on the classic Greek creature.

Fountain Sketch

I am going to try and do a few sketches a day. He is one of a series of several.

Global Warming WIP

This piece is a work in progress, finished will be up hopefully by this weekend. The topic for this illustration assignment is a current event, first thing that popped in my head was global warming. I will post up the revised version hopefully by Sunday.


A project I did for fun. update

Bernie was kind enough to pose with my prototype shirt. Slowly but surely trying to make my dream come true. A lot of hours and hard work has been spent on this project. I recently changed the colors from black and red to neutral grays, I think I like it more. Right now I ensuring that my shirts are of up most quality. Slowly but surely. Well, Ill keep you posted as I evolve.

Gibson Girl 2070

At first, I was working on this without the intention of making it a Gibson Girl, until recently. Just trying to help out with the Illest of Ill posters. Maybe this one with the help of graphic designers, will be printed large scale and posted around school... fingers crossed.


Just to get back into the rhythm of school, I decided to do a sketch.. Ill post the finished version later. I am pretty excited for this up coming year. It should be interesting.

Clothing Company: Coming to Life

After months of negotiating, here it is, the first edition Magnum Opus Shirt 001. Its amazing seeing it come to life. Soon they will be available for sale on my site. Shoot me an email for details and comments.

Society of Illustrators

I talked with Anelle Miller, the director of SOI and she was nice enough to have Terry give a private tour of the building. We even got to see the private collection!! These are never before seen images! Enjoy


Here is some more new work guys! hope you enjoy.. as always leave constructive feedback thanks!

Monkey, Octopus and a model.

Here is some art I did about 3 weeks ago. I will try and get some current work scanned . Later guys!

Giving it some Tought!

Today, I was having an interesting conversation with two other people about life. What is the point of getting better? If their is someone always better than you, why try? The thought is strange to me. A quote was said in this conversation... Their is someone always better that you, so drop the ego. We must have some sort of ego to keep going, right? That is what drives me.. I believe we must have a realistic ego to keep us going, with out that what do we really have? defeat? no confidence? Laziness?

I am for working hard and mastering something extremely difficult, something that does not merely happen over night. No matter how high the goal, I believe, aim very high and keep going and never stop until you have reached it(which takes a life time)!

Leave me your feedback, I am just trying to figure it out.

Business card help

I need strong positive feedback. Please be harsh thanks.

Portraits and crazyness


This is my current painting. I say I am about 40% done. I will post finished piece later this week.

Alien Commander

Just some fun personal stuff.

Luda Study

Today, I was not in the mood to work on my illustration assignment, so instead I decided to do a head study.

Daily Sketches

Here are some creature sketches. Just me getting away from the everyday figure drawing and painting. It is nice to just open up a sketch book and draw from the imagination and not worrying about getting it exactly right.

MO Ink. Clothing

These are just a few designs for my clothing line, that will soon become a reality.

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