Smoking Section

Here is our second Illustration project for Joe Thiel. Just trying some things here and there, really trying to play with light and value. I still need a bit of work, slowly but surely. Please leave comments so I may correct this piece. Best Regards.


Nila Curry said...

I'm loving your composition and colors! Just a few suggestions: Your sketches are beautiful so try to paint like you sketch.... does that make sense? Also in your sketch the values make the viewers eye go towards her but in the finish the values make the girl and the cigarette faces compete with each other. When doing your work I think you should concentrate on the perfect value study and stick with it all the way through.

I love the facial gestures! The cigarette men look really cool. I like the way you have the light n smoke coming out of their heads!

It awesome jawesome to meet you today Daniel!! Feel free to bash my work like crazy!

Sandra Lucia said...

This is a pretty sweet ass piece!!

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