Business card help

I need strong positive feedback. Please be harsh thanks.


Francis Vallejo said...

Hey man, I can digg it. I think "portrait landscape concept may be too light" and maybe try and re-evaluate the font choice on that

luis espinosa said...

hey dan, first of all is that the right size for a business card? its seem a little bit too tall unless you're trying to make it a different format than a conventional business card. I'm not too crazy about the color or the splatters that you have going on. i think you should play more around with this and try to get personal when you design a card.

some things to keep in mind while you're designing something that's self promotion like a business card, it has to quickly show off what you are capable of doing. whether its a portrait or landscapes or whatever, i think it would be a good idea to have a sample of your work on the back of the card. you don't have to , but i think its a quick solution on how to show a piece of what you do. if you don't want to put artwork on the back of it, you should do some sort of pattern on the back. i would suggest putting a pattern like the one you have used on your tshirts. i like the black and red one with the repeated logo on it. i could see that on the back of a card and you could just play with different variations of color.

keep it simple. when i think of you and what your business card would look like, i imagine something simple and sophisticated and clean. try to put a yourself and your personality into the design. from getting to know you over this past summer and thinking about your business, you seem to be a man of quality and who like to be clean. a good example of what i'm talking about is in this site.

check out his logo work. its clean and consistent. I really love how well the type works with the logos. and i think you should think about that too. you already have a strong logo, you should figure you type that will compliment your logo. if you wanna go with the more "urban" route, i would suggest looking at this guy's Type treatments

i know i've shown this guy before, but i always come back to his site to remind myself of the possibilities there are on handling type. when you're dealing with creative people, a business card can say and should say a lot about you other than contact information. at least for you, when some one is looking at your card, you want them to know that you are serious and you mean business.

if you need any help with illustrator and with your type, let me know. i mean i'm not that great with type, but i know a few tricks in illustrator that could help you on achieving a certain look.

anyways.. that's my take on your business card. more than anything, don't forget to keep it legible. soo have fun. sorry for the long comment

Dumuro said...
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Kagahn said...

See Please Here

Sandra Lucia said...

I think you should reduce the size of all the text its way too big. the colors need to contrast a lil bit more make the text much lighter!!!

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