Giving it some Tought!

Today, I was having an interesting conversation with two other people about life. What is the point of getting better? If their is someone always better than you, why try? The thought is strange to me. A quote was said in this conversation... Their is someone always better that you, so drop the ego. We must have some sort of ego to keep going, right? That is what drives me.. I believe we must have a realistic ego to keep us going, with out that what do we really have? defeat? no confidence? Laziness?

I am for working hard and mastering something extremely difficult, something that does not merely happen over night. No matter how high the goal, I believe, aim very high and keep going and never stop until you have reached it(which takes a life time)!

Leave me your feedback, I am just trying to figure it out.

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Francis Vallejo said...

i think that it would be no fun to be the best, then what would you ahve to strive for? thats what keeps me going...i look at velasquez and sargent and realize how far i've got to go, but also that these dudes looked up to people like Sargent looked up Franz Hall......they were thinking the same thing at one point, but they kept on grinding and it worked out fairly well!!!

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