Monkey, Octopus and a model.

Here is some art I did about 3 weeks ago. I will try and get some current work scanned . Later guys!


Anonymous said...
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luis espinosa said...

good stuff man. i like the application of paint on the monkey piece. To answer your question about the class I'm taking on motion graphics, its called, Time, motion and communication.
its pretty much a Motion graphics class. Cool class but I don't recommend it senior year with a full schedule. its a very demanding class, but probably something you might be able to handle since you were in CA.

Hope all is well man. I haven't seen you in awhile. I can't wait to see some of your more recent work. I'll see ya around man.

bagalagalaga said...

cool, I'm addicted to flying monkeys and haven't had a fix in a while

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